The Unusual Smell

Originally posted to 23ae by An Invisible Something.

So it came to pass that all twenty-thirdians went to the Prophet of Cod’s basement for an information seminar. As each had passed the trial of the staircase, they each noticed odd smell; a smell not created by mere mortal.

“Whoo-ee,” Happy Fun Ball did express, the first to inhale the stench, “The stench in thy basement, Dear Cod, is not unlike the scent of an elephant being sodomized with rotting cabbages.”

Prince Mu-Chao then did report: “Happy Fun Ball, thou intelligence and wit may exceed that of many a learned scholar, but thou art clearly an idiot in this regard; for the scent is clearly that of feces mixed with raw eggs.” As each 23rdian entered to the basement, each had his or her own theory on the origin and freight of the scent; each just as wrong as the one before.

“O woe is me,” The Prophet of Cod lamented, “my fellow 23rdians now believe my basement, so beautifully prepared for their arrival, is regularly plagued with this rank fetor. I have never been so embarrassed in my life.”

Days later, Hexar and Fayanora came by to play pool, poker, and watch Smallville. The scent was as piquant as before, not deteriorating once.

“Fuck, d00d,” Hexar cried out in pain, “you gotta find out what’s making that smell.”

Weeks passed, with the smell never subsiding once. The scent gradually became a thing of legend, with Cod becoming the victim of cruel jokes; however, in private, fellow 23rdians came to him to give consolation.

Then one day, the scent ended; and that was that. To this day the cause of cessation, as that of the genesis, remains a mystery.

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