23 Apples of Eris has been through some tough times over the years. Databases “lost”, whole swaths of code rewritten and rewritten again. All was for not, however, because Mu-Chao is a flake.

After losing control of CastleChaos.com and allowing 23AE to show in Google rankings with spam metadata, some apples began buggering him daily, and not in a nice way. Finally, he decided to abdicated the care and feeding of the site to myself and Simon Jester of the Order of O.D.D.

After sorting through Mu-Chao’s travesty of a filesystem, we discovered that a database thought lost in 2005 had actually been backed up. We are currently delving deeply into its contents to see if we can mine some quality content from that most classic era of the 23AE.

I shall continue to restore a large amount of the content that has graced this .com over the years with proper attribution at the top of each post, but feel free email me directly at AmbroseBierce@thisdomain and I will get you set up with an account post-haste.

As I restore 23AE history, I will work with Simon to determine how we can work in the Tales of Eric and the Journals of a Howling Trickster Archetype from the Order of O.D.D. side of the Apples affairs. Likely, this theme is temporary until we have time to write something that will work for both.

2 thoughts on “23AE MACH 5

  1. Every year, the Order of the Pineapple announces the winners here on January 18 of each year. We are currently taking nominations (from honorees only, sorry) for 2018. We’d like to continue that. Is there a way for us to post the 2018 winner(s) here when it happens? Thanks for your help.

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