The 23AE Podcast

For a brief period of time in the very early days of podcasting, Mu-Chao was under the severe delusion that he was capable of hosting an audio program. Luckily, it ended quickly and put us all out of our misery. Ratatosk, Ignatious, Happy Fun Ball, MarshMellow Fluff and others show up throughout, making it more… Read more The 23AE Podcast

Murder at the Conspiracy Convention and Other American Absurdities (4/5)

Paul Krassner is one of the more inspiring members of the cavalcade of personalities from 60s counterculture. Co-founder of the Yippies (who once nominated a pig named Pigasus for president), stand-up comedian, and editor of The Realist, he is in fact a realist and a skeptic, and is typically not taken in by vapid New-Ageisms.… Read more Murder at the Conspiracy Convention and Other American Absurdities (4/5)

Ode to Orange

Oh orange, Though you are round You somehow fit Inside Pez How do you do that? Really, it matters not! For I would love you Even if you were grape, Or cherry Or maligned lemon Pez

Our Trip to Kongomadu

by Dingo, Dr. Hexar le Saipe, Mu-Chao, Maenad and Ambrose Bierce We were getting ready to go to the Congo, but then Erisian Pigmies (we knew they were Erisian because they had five eyes) attacked us and our boat sunk near Hershey. Barely making it out of the piranha-infested chocolate, we rushed to Grannies Grit Shack… Read more Our Trip to Kongomadu

Blue Raspberry

Hard research into why raspberry is blue When it is clearly not blue. I got to wondering the other day why the raspberry flavor is represented as being blue in all confectionary treats. You never see blood-red or diseased-liver-black raspberry, even though that is the berry’s true color. So, as with any bothersome question I… Read more Blue Raspberry

Just a Couple of Days (3/5)

From it’s introductory question: “Why aren’t apples called reds?” and the brief, meandering meditation upon the femininity of questions, the masculinity of answers and the essence of the question itself, I suspected I was going to like this book. Immediately you notice that Vigorito’s words flow with grace – “I hasten to add that he… Read more Just a Couple of Days (3/5)