Our Trip to Kongomadu

by Dingo, Dr. Hexar le Saipe, Mu-Chao, Maenad and Ambrose Bierce We were getting ready to go to the Congo, but then Erisian Pigmies (we knew they were Erisian because they had five eyes) attacked us and our boat sunk near Hershey. Barely making it out of the piranha-infested chocolate, we rushed to Grannies Grit Shack… Read more Our Trip to Kongomadu

Blue Raspberry

Hard research into why raspberry is blue When it is clearly not blue. I got to wondering the other day why the raspberry flavor is represented as being blue in all confectionary treats. You never see blood-red or diseased-liver-black raspberry, even though that is the berry’s true color. So, as with any bothersome question I… Read more Blue Raspberry

Principia Discordia

WHEREIN we share the real Principia Discordia and some sub-standard ripoffs Like any good Discordian Cult active in the 90s, we have spend considerable amounts of time formatting several revisions of the original Principia Discordia. Principia Discordia (HTML) Principia Discordia (PDF – 9.4MB) Principia Discordia (ZIP DOC – 2.9MB)  In addition, Mungo shared with me… Read more Principia Discordia