Principia Discordia

WHEREIN we share the real Principia Discordia and some sub-standard ripoffs Like any good Discordian Cult active in the 90s, we have spend considerable amounts of time formatting several revisions of the original Principia Discordia. Principia Discordia (HTML) Principia Discordia (PDF – 9.4MB) Principia Discordia (ZIP DOC – 2.9MB)  In addition, Mungo shared with me… Read more Principia Discordia

The Wholey Book of Clichés and Cabbages

A wholey Discordian supplement to Risus Introduction (You call these) Rules Clichés Adventures Appendectomy A: Reference Material Appendectomy B: Summary of Risus Appendectomy C: Optional Rules Appendectomy D: Magix Twix Appendectomy E: ThanksVersion 1.1 INTRODUCTION Discordia is a loose disorganization of Eris Freaks. A better definition is impossible. If you are unfamiliar with Discordia, please… Read more The Wholey Book of Clichés and Cabbages

The Gwydion Bible

The Word of Eris as told by Prophet Gwydion Alcaspe Khalid Introduction I debated subtitling these, editing them for spelling, and maybe even adding comments, but resisted the impulse. The only thing such heinous acts of comprehension would do is ruin the pure magic of the Prophet’s statements. Thus, my editorial duties consisted merely of… Read more The Gwydion Bible