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Berlin Poe’s Illuminated Principia Discordia

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a doorway to the doorway

One of the most prevalent axioms in use by humanity today is that history is written by the victor; however, australia, uk, us, usa, Real brand Estrace online, in today’s age of information saturation this might be adjusted to read ‘History is the accretion of sympathetic memory’.  Consider: Personal History (or Individual Memory) is highly selective, with those memories that are especially traumatic or considerably relevant to personal Truth being retained while the largely ‘irrelevant’ memories are relegated to the recycling bin of human consciousness.  These negatable memories are no less True than the memories retained by the individual (indeed, buy no prescription Estrace online, Estrace alternatives, most are a more highly accurate translation of Event in that they are not pregnant with hypothesis and theory attached to said recollection), but are considered expendable in that they are overly repetitive or contain little ‘information’ on the conditions through which they arose, Estrace forum. Estrace coupon, With this in mind, how does one go about verifying ‘group memories’ and the collective perception of an event which was witnessed by more than one entity?  Is the description of the event simply the best recollection of the most perceptive individual witnessing the event?  Does the event take on multiple facets, Estrace from mexico, Estrace schedule, where each individual provides an interpretation of the event but cannot describe the ‘core’ of the event due to them only perceiving a single aspect of the phenomenon?  What if the event becomes something more than the individual recollections of those participating in the description of the event, where each additional interpretation of the event adds to the legitimacy of the event’s final description, Estrace pics. Purchase Estrace, The perceptual field of a human being is a massively complex structure in and of itself, let alone compounding the scenario with the addition of multiple focal points for the interpretation of an event, order Estrace no prescription, Ordering Estrace online, or even a sequence of events.  Furthermore, the reliability of the instrument is variable, Estrace treatment, Estrace price, coupon, and as such cannot be trusted in perceiving any event or sequence of events with satisfactory accuracy: but is that a problem arising from current instruction on how to use this device, or is it a fault ‘in the wiring’, order Estrace from United States pharmacy, Get Estrace, so to speak?  Is the most accurate perception of the universe solitary in nature, or via a gathering of view-points through which to come to a consensual agreement as to what constitutes Truth and Reality, kjøpe Estrace på nett, köpa Estrace online. Estrace from canada, Communal reality arises from a sympathy of both perceptual apparatus and viewpoint; the various avenues of perceiving the universe are shared through the biological similarities of the species and the ability to manoeuvre in the same spatial dimensions.  A compounding of this ‘shared reality’ is gained through empathy with another of the species, allowing inferences drawn on the information gained to jump from one localised information safe (or ‘brain’, Estrace long term, Estrace results, if you will) to another through non-local means (this is the bedrock upon which telepathy, ESP and mind-reading are established), Estrace description. Herbal Estrace, On an individual front, the honing of the perceptual faculties is of dire importance should we wish to emerge from the current Dark Age of ‘Consume-Produce-Excrete’, Estrace without a prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, where (aside from the cursory acknowledgement of the precarious position in which humanity finds itself) the result justifies the means and participation in the Machine is mandatory: this can be achieved through the rigorous study and practise of what is commonly referred to as the ‘Occult Crafts’.  Now gaining a thoroughly widespread following (although still considered a minority in the eyes of the statisticians) these schools give rise to the ability to perceive the universe without cluttering the perception of it by attaching nouns, adjectives and other ‘results-driven’ identifiers, Estrace dosage. Estrace dose, As this refining of perceptual faculties reaches a critical mass (which it is now approaching) a paradigm shift in general thinking will occur, with the result that many of the current establishments of ‘logical reasoning’ will become redundant; unfortunately, comprar en línea Estrace, comprar Estrace baratos, Estrace price, coupon, the earliest precursors of this transmogrification of society are showing that the self-same ‘logical reasoning’ has dug itself a serious bunker in which to defend its flawed position.  Nevertheless, through inactivity, Estrace for sale, Order Estrace online overnight delivery no prescription, indifference and a general attitude of ‘oh, well...’ a new frontier of human thought (one encompassing the legitimacy of inactivity, Estrace recreational, No prescription Estrace online, indifference and a general attitude of ‘oh, well...’) will flourish, taking Estrace, Estrace maximum dosage, bringing forth a new understanding of the processes that are the foundation of perceptual reasoning...

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wholly Chao

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