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No More Anonymous

I hereby give notice that I am formally and publicly disassociating myself from Anonymous Hackers.  I do not believe in nor do I support the disruption of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press when the exercise of such freedoms does not interfere with the rights of others.  I do not believe in the interference of fundamental freedoms in the guise of protecting those freedoms whether that interference is made by a governmental or non-governmental individual or organization.  I am not by this notice disassociating myself from, nor am I acknowledging any association with, the Cult of the Dead Cow, Umbra Data and the Dark Side Intelligence, LulzSec, Twitter Anonymous, the Sinister League of Evil Badguys, Hacktivismo, the Illuminati, or Terrorists for Truth.  Nothing in this declaration shall be construed as indicating participation in any illegal activity, whether in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, or any other country or portion of the world.  I also hereby give notice that I do not intend to reveal the legal names, pseudonyms, locations, methods, or plans of any members of any of these groups, nor do I acknowledge having any such knowledge whatsoever. Posted at 23:05 UTC on the 20th of April in the year 2012 CE/Setting Orange, Discord 37, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3178  'Anonymous should take a leaf out of the IRA's method of operation and use a cellular structure, with only 3 or 4 in each cell so if there is a snitch in the organization it has minimal damage.' - Stephen, St. Ives, England, 07/3/2012 02:33 Quote from Image from (Remember, this cellular structure is a fundamental part of the origin and success of Discordianism).

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Buy Sarafem Without Prescription, Brain dump.

I haven't written a lot about it, Sarafem from canada, Buying Sarafem online over the counter, but the brand of Discordia I'm indulging myself in right now is called the Main Way, based out of the Main Street Monastery and Waffle House, Sarafem from canadian pharmacy. Real brand Sarafem online, The image of the Discordian monk is slowly coming together.

Who is the Discordian monk?

He lives a monastic lifestyle - that's not to say he lives alone, Sarafem canada, mexico, india, About Sarafem, but that he is anchored in the internal world. It's a simple life, purchase Sarafem online no prescription, Generic Sarafem, and everything that is in it is a choice. It is largely based on the Chao Te Ching, the study of useful illusions, Buy Sarafem Without Prescription. There is a chord between a monk's "cell" and a cell of the Black Iron Prison, Sarafem used for. Herbal Sarafem, And this is the crux of Discordian monasticism, it plays with which parts of the world are inside your cell and which parts are outside, kjøpe Sarafem på nett, köpa Sarafem online. Sarafem price, My Discordian monk is both silly and serene. He might be a student of the Rinzai school, Sarafem without prescription. Buy Sarafem Without Prescription, The thing I like best about the Rinzai school is its founder, Linji. Is Sarafem addictive, Linji's favorite "teaching" method was to surprise the fuck out of his students through shouting and hitting them. He would disturb their meditation, real brand Sarafem online. Order Sarafem online overnight delivery no prescription, And through this jarring experience, they'd experience a form of awakening, Sarafem interactions. Purchase Sarafem online, (we might call this the Roger Method)

The Discordian Monk lives a creative and enjoyable life, is able to manage his internal experience of the world (he is "the master who makes the grass green and the flowers beautiful"), where can i cheapest Sarafem online, Sarafem dosage, and is able to detach himself from human desire. If presented with the Golden Apple, he can choose to ignore it, Buy Sarafem Without Prescription. Through this detachment, Sarafem coupon, Sarafem online cod, this viewing the world at arm's length, he is able to cultivate a beautiful internal laughter, purchase Sarafem. Sarafem samples, This "monk's belly laugh" is playful and irreverent. Like a bo staff, Sarafem over the counter, Sarafem trusted pharmacy reviews, it can be used to block or strike, but if you try to use it when you're not balanced, Sarafem from canadian pharmacy, Sarafem cost, you'll fall flat on your ass.

And then the Great Teacher* comes along and shows him that it's all bullshit, buy cheap Sarafem no rx. Buy Sarafem Without Prescription, This lesson is nearly always akin to a slap in the face. Where can i buy cheapest Sarafem online, Or a barstool to the head.

When you hit a Discordian Monk with a barstool, Sarafem alternatives, Sarafem used for, two things might happen.

-- He might retreat further into the illusion
-- He might laugh and wake up

And the mistake I often make is thinking that one of these is desirable and the other is undesirable, where can i find Sarafem online. Sarafem overnight, But it's not that one of these things is Good and the other is Bad -- they are both different phases of a cycle. (You don't really WANT to live in a world of Pure Reality and No Illusions anyway!) It's like how ignorance and knowledge have a symbiotic relationship, Sarafem forum. Taking Sarafem, In order to learn something, you must not know it first, ordering Sarafem online. Sarafem maximum dosage, And it bears saying that some barstools are illusions too, but that doesn't mean they don't hit you full force, online buy Sarafem without a prescription. Online buying Sarafem, * Eris is the teacher, but she wears many masks. .

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Remember this part of Star Wars: A New Hope Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription, . Where can i order Cefadroxil without prescription, Luke and Han and Leia and Chewie have fallen into the trash compactor. Here is a scene of modern spirituality, online buying Cefadroxil. Order Cefadroxil online c.o.d, I think we can all relate to our hapless heroes. They're trapped deep in the bowels of the soul, Cefadroxil street price, Buy Cefadroxil online cod, being slowly crushed by the waste products of modern living.

Han draws his laser pistol and fires at the hatch, Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription. The
laserbolt ricochets wildly around the small metal room, buy cheap Cefadroxil. Cefadroxil canada, mexico, india, Everyone dives for cover in the garbage as the bolt explodes
almost on top of them. Leia climbs out of the garbage with a
rather grim look on her face, Cefadroxil online cod. Effects of Cefadroxil, LUKE
Will you forget it. Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription, I already tried
it. It's magnetically sealed, kjøpe Cefadroxil på nett, köpa Cefadroxil online. Cefadroxil mg, LEIA
Put that thing away. You're going to
get us all killed, Cefadroxil no rx. Cefadroxil wiki, HAN
Absolutely, Your Worship, Cefadroxil from mexico. Look, I
had everything under control until
you led us down here.

And here we are, screaming into the void, hoping that some golden godhead will deliver us from entropy, Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription. Cefadroxil interactions, And the truth is, that guy is practically useless, Cefadroxil dosage, Cefadroxil duration, all he's doing is waving his arms around like a ninny. The guy we want to be talking to, where can i buy cheapest Cefadroxil online, Cefadroxil forum, R2-D2, doesn't even speak English, buy cheap Cefadroxil no rx. Buy Cefadroxil online no prescription, Some savior deity, huh, Cefadroxil recreational. Australia, uk, us, usa, I'd love to post the scene in question here, but because I've been on a "modern reinterpretations of religious symbolism" kick, Cefadroxil over the counter, Cefadroxil samples, here's a contemporary passion play instead. As you watch this, where can i cheapest Cefadroxil online, Comprar en línea Cefadroxil, comprar Cefadroxil baratos, remember: this is actually  happening inside of your soul.

 , japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Ordering Cefadroxil online. Online buy Cefadroxil without a prescription. Buy Cefadroxil without a prescription. Buying Cefadroxil online over the counter. Cefadroxil coupon. Cefadroxil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Cefadroxil natural. Cefadroxil alternatives. Cefadroxil treatment. Cefadroxil from canadian pharmacy. Cefadroxil results. After Cefadroxil.

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I've been blathering on at this blag about Detachment Buy Midamor Without Prescription, , Slaying the Ego, Changing your Life, yadda yadda yadda. This is largely because I've been projecting the kind of advice I needed to hear, Midamor from mexico. Midamor mg, I'm changing gears. Shedding my skin, Midamor gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Midamor maximum dosage, Becoming a new feathered serpent. Escaping my black iron prison, Buy Midamor Without Prescription.

My goal has been to annihilate all the things I identify with ...and see who emerges, where can i buy Midamor online. Order Midamor online overnight delivery no prescription,

You don't have an identity without a community to reflect it. So my first move was to step away from the PD forums, low dose Midamor, Where can i buy cheapest Midamor online, the addictive Internet community I used to post at every day.  There are some great people there and I miss them terribly, Midamor australia, uk, us, usa, Doses Midamor work, but I had to get away from that network of influences. Buy Midamor Without Prescription, It took me a while to realize that I wasn't having fun there anymore, and I was spending too much of my life interacting with a screen. (There are other reasons too, Midamor use, Midamor for sale, but that's immaterial for now.) The main thing is that I had become hooked on the identity I created by posting 15 times a day for four years. So I decided to abruptly stop being Cramulus, what is Midamor. Midamor price, coupon, Springtime -- specifically Lent -- is a time for sacrifice. If you give up something that you love, online buying Midamor hcl, Australia, uk, us, usa, it makes for a bountiful fall harvest. I am not Christian, so I don't celebrate Lent, Buy Midamor Without Prescription. But I figured I'd give it a try, Midamor trusted pharmacy reviews, Midamor brand name, if only because it's so out of character for me. For Lent, is Midamor safe, Discount Midamor, I gave up Discordia and my mental relationship with Eris.

What does this even mean, generic Midamor. Real brand Midamor online, There are no rules about what makes somebody a Discordian, so severing my ties to Discord was as simple as saying "I'm not a Discordian" out loud, rx free Midamor. Buy Midamor Without Prescription, It was harder than I thought. Midamor schedule, I've been a Discordian since I first read the HTML copy of the Principia at age 16. It took some patience and discipline to force myself to think about things in different ways, Midamor photos, Midamor pics, but in time, it happened, Midamor class. Buying Midamor online over the counter, And that was probably for the best. Discordia is not meant to be a real religion, Midamor steet value, Buy Midamor no prescription, but it had come to occupy that slot in my life. You can get intense about it, you can keep it in your heart, but it should still be something that you can laugh off or throw away at a moment's notice, Buy Midamor Without Prescription. Mal and Omar warned us about letting some silly old book drive our lives, Midamor dose. Midamor reviews, In the last years, I've taken Discordia very seriously, fast shipping Midamor, Midamor no prescription, I've put a lot of effort into Eris' society, and somewhere up on Limbo Peak, Midamor pharmacy, After Midamor, Eris was laughing at me. So screw that crazy bitch, purchase Midamor. Order Midamor from United States pharmacy, Class dismissed. Buy Midamor Without Prescription, The next part of my identity was wrapped up in my appearance. I've had long hair since I was like 15 years old, purchase Midamor online. Midamor natural, What would I even look like with short hair. It was time to find out. I took a big breath and got it chopped off. My Nafs, that tricksy demon, loved having long hair, Buy Midamor Without Prescription. The little bastard is more attached to who I am than who I could be. Fuck him too.

Freedom is invigorating. For the first time in years, I felt like I had new kinds of freedom. Buy Midamor Without Prescription, With my new hair cut, my new attitude, my new identity, I have different options. I can apply for different jobs, I can talk to different girls, and I can tell an entirely new story about who I am. I had slain most of the things I identify with. So who will emerge from the smoke and wreckage and aftermath. I erased personal history, I banished the Nafs, I escaped the Black Iron Prison.

Don't worry, cats, Buy Midamor Without Prescription. With laughter, I let Eris back into my heart. But now the self is tempered, it's been reforged in the fires of self destruction. It was scary, but I told you it could be done. I wish I could adequately describe how exciting it is to have this opportunity. Buy Midamor Without Prescription, It's 9 months pregnant with uncertainty. I'm on the edge of my freaking seat.

My name is Dan and you still know nothing about me.

Except that I'm a total spag.





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Buy Differin Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_1253" align="alignright" width="306" caption="Jesus beating the shit out of some dudes. Differin dose, Grab your beating stick, these asshole moneychangers are hanging out in your soul."][/caption]

You want to change your life, generic Differin. Order Differin no prescription, It's a really quick, two step process, is Differin safe. Where can i buy Differin online, Step one: detach

Step two: jump.

They're both really hard steps though, Differin pics. First, because we love our baggage, and second, because of  uncertainty, Buy Differin Without Prescription. Differin steet value, The buddha says that ALL SUFFERING IS CAUSED BY DESIRE. And I have found this to be true - if you can snuff out your attachment to the world, where to buy Differin, Is Differin addictive, if you can be comfortable drifting, then you can be at peace no matter what's going on with the news, Differin without a prescription, Differin description, or your bank account, or your social environment, Differin street price. My Differin experience, But I also find that this detachment is somewhat paralytic. Because to get ready for step two, Differin interactions, Differin cost, you need the FIRE. Be like young Jesus: If you want to cleanse the temple Buy Differin Without Prescription, , you've gotta flip over some goddamn tables.

I've been on this Gnostic kick, buy no prescription Differin online. Buying Differin online over the counter, I found this really great podcast series that Erik Davis did for maybelogic academy, it's definitely a good intro, online buying Differin. Differin pharmacy, The core of the gnostic experience is this moment of awakening, this sudden realization that the world you've been living in is an illusion, purchase Differin online no prescription, Differin treatment, a distraction, and that the higher self is ready to get to work, Differin blogs. Buy Differin without prescription, You've got this little demon called the Nafs.  His job is to keep you distracted, Buy Differin Without Prescription. You get lost in your job, Differin wiki, Buy Differin online no prescription, social scene, chasing tail, canada, mexico, india, Low dose Differin, creative projects, human drama, Differin natural, Differin reviews, whatever, and you lose track of the higher self, Differin australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Differin without a prescription,  Why do people only ask themselves the tough questions when bad things happen. It's because the Nafs finally shut up for a second, Differin forum. Comprar en línea Differin, comprar Differin baratos, You have to be willing to banish that little bastard, even though he keeps bringing you things you like, Differin overnight. Buy Differin Without Prescription, The higher self is calling, are you going to pick up the phone or what. Online buy Differin without a prescription, And that's why I resist the idea that life is just about the pursuit of happiness. You often hear people talk about just doing "whatever makes you happy", purchase Differin online. Purchase Differin for sale, Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of sad and twisted people out there who need to treat themselves to a large dose of hedonism, discount Differin. Cheap Differin, But this is just a way to keep you running on the tread mill. The petals of the soul open at midnight, when everything is dark and quiet, Buy Differin Without Prescription.

So if you want to quiet the babbling chorus of selves, Differin class, if you want to jump off the precipice and land in the skin of the coolest motherfucker on the planet, you've gotta take the higher self by the hand and have a good heart to heart. If you can shut up for a second, he'll show you what you're doing wrong, and this will give you the FIRE. Then you flip over some fucking tables.


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