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Why didn't my comment immediately post to the site?

As I'm sure you know, the internet is a cesspool. It's a dirty, yucky place where retarded monkeys buy and sell Cialis and other sweetmeats by posting irritating comments to blogs. To combat this, the first time you post a comment here it needs to be approved by The Management. After that, the system will immediately post your comments as long as you use the same email address.

And before you start saying, "OOooooo, Discordian can't take a bit of chaos?" I suggest you drown yourself in a tub of your own snot, and then we'll see who is laughing.

Why does everyone have images in the comments but me? / How can I put a picture of my butt next to everything I say?

23AE pulls images for comments from Gravatar based on the email address you supply. Setting up an account and uploading a picture is very easy, and best of all does not take any work from The Management.

I thought 23AE was on the internet since 1996. Where are all of the old posts? Everything looks new.

Eris hates The Management and everything they stand for, so from time to time She throws an apple at us and all of our data is removed from the interwebs. We have a huge team of rabid beavers locked in a room with a bunch of typewriters, so we hope that all of our writings will be restored eventually.

How can I become an apple and post a bunch of drivel to the front page of the site for all the world to see?

Stay tuned. Until we get back on our feet, new memberships are closed. Once we have restored the back catalog and have decided what we want the newest iteration of the site to be, more details will be published here.

Can I use something that I found on this site on my webpage / in my book / for toilet paper?

Short answer: Yes, as long as the individual author does not explicitly state otherwise in their post. Visit our K page for complete information about our KopyLeft principals.



  1. Hello, i am Rev. Billy F. Sasquatch, As an Eris worshiper and young upstart that has started his own cabal

    i was wondering if any of you fine folks would like to have an article submitted into The Infinity Networks Quarterly Zine. The Infinity Network being a Network for Occultists and Cabals/Covens/Groups/Etc to come together and get their paradigms shown as well as collab with occultists of varying systems. The Spring issue is Thank you all for taking the time to read this and i hope you enjoy the Zine

  2. Chaos MagickNo Gravatar says:

    very cool i remember this site from way way back

  3. Tharg The MightBeNo Gravatar says:

    okay how do i set up an account pls?

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