The Discordian Code v1.1

The Discordian Code Version 1.1

By: Mark D. Carabas -
But: I shamelessly stole the idea (and structure, and um..... some words too I guess) from The Geek Code by Robert A. Hayden.
Suggested and contributed to by Prince Mu-Chao


So you are a Discordian? The first step is to admit to yourself youíre a Discordian. I can't tell you the second through fourth steps; that would be cheating. But the third step, according to me at least, is to put together your Discordian Code! No matter what anyone says, Discordians are people too (well, most of us).

Using this Discordian Code will allow you to let other Discordians know who you are in a simple (kinda) statement.

The single best way to publicize your code is to add it to your signature file or plan and announce it far and wide, or even close and narrow, doesn't really matter. So, without further ado, here's the Code. Oh, and you should tell other Discordians about this too, if it's a good idea it will catch on, if not it won't.

(stolen with only small changes from Geek code; if it ain't broke etc.)

The Discordian Code consists of several categories. Each category is labeled with a letter and some qualifiers. Go through each category and determine which set of qualifiers best describes you in that category. By stringing all of these together, you are able to construct your overall Discordian code. It is this single line of code that will inform other Discordians the world over of what a great Discordian you actually are.

Some of the qualifiers will very probably not match with you exactly. It is impossible to cover all possibilities in each category. Simply choose that qualifier that most closely matches you, or you can make up your own, after all you're a Discordian aren't you? Each description of each qualifier describes the wide range of activities that apply, so as long as you match with one, you can probably use that qualifier. Add symbols, whatever, but it would be really neat if you sent said changes to me so that I can add them on, or tell you that you're a moron, as the case may be.

After you have determined each of your qualifiers, you need to the construct your Discordian Code Block. Instructions are provided on how to do this towards the end of this file.


Discordians can't be strictly quantified, ever; if we could we wouldn't be Discordians. To facilitate the fact that within any one category a Discordian may not be able to determine a specific rating, variables have been designed to allow this range to be included. If, as many of you I'm sure will, you fall outside that range, make an educated guess, or just put something in that makes sense, or nonsense, or is just funny. Hell, do I need to hold your hand?

for this variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual interaction.

For indicating "cross-overs" or ranges. Discordians who go from C+ to C--- depending on the situation (i.e. mostly "C+") could use C+(---). @ is different from () in that () has finite limits within the category, while @ ranges all over.

For 'wannabe' ratings. Indicating that while the Discordian is currently at one rating, they are striving to reach another. For example, Comp+>$ indicating a Discordian that is currently computer savvy, but wants to someday make money at it.

Indicates that this particular category is done for a living, or has to do with money.

Unless stated otherwise within the specific category, the ? is placed after the category identifier and indicates that the Discordian has no knowledge about that specific category. For example, a person that has never even heard of Babylon 5, would list their Babylon 5 category as 5?

Placed BEFORE the category. Unless stated otherwise, indicates that the person refuses to participate in this category. This is unlike the ? variable as the ? indicates lack of knowledge, while the ! indicates stubborn refusal to participate.

Types of Discordians

Discordian come in many flavors. But since we arenít going to eat them, we should be more concerned about the various species of Discordians. To start a code, a Discordian must declare himself or herself or itself to be a Discordian. To do this, we start the code with a "D" to denote "DISCORDIAN", followed by one or two letters to denote the Discordian's species. Hybrid Discordians should denote their various types with a slash between each specie (example: DAT/D?/D!/!D).

DLU = Lurker. A Discordian voyeur, this is not very common as lurkers rarely speak or do much of anything except watch.

!D = Non-Discordian. Iím not sure why a non-Discordian would have a Discordian Code, but Iím trying to be all-inclusive.

DBOB = A Subgenius posing as a Discordian.

DAN = An anarchist Discordian, given to political action.

DPROF = Either a Professor of Discordianism, or a Discordian for profit.

DOT = Discordian Old Timer. Someone who has been around for EVER.

DADA = Those really surrealist types. Sometimes called ďrutabagaĒ Discordians.

D- = The highest grade I got in high school.

DCM = Discordian of Chaos Magick (or Magic, Magik, Majix, etcÖ)

DIT = An Internet Discordian. Someone who is only Discordian when they are at the computer.

DFM = A famous or infamous Discordian, not many of them but what the heck. And you better be REALLY famous.

DED = A Dead Discordian who canít spell.

DPH = A philosophical or intellectual Discordian.

DPA = Pagan Discordian.

DO = Discordian of Other. Some types of Discordians deviate from the normal Discordian activities. This is encouraged as true Discordians come from all walks of life.

DU = Discordian of Unemployed.

D! = Discordian of no qualifications. A rather miserable existence, you would think, though a rather popular one.

DAT = Discordian of All Trades, for those Discordians that can do anything and everything. DAT usually precludes the use of other descriptors.


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. They lie.

How we look has little to do with what we are inside, and who we are as people. Yet, people still want to know what we look like. Thus, this section allows you to list out all the relevant traits about what you look like on a(n) (ab)normal Discordian day.


Most modern Discordians have some exposure to computers; many are in computer-based professions or use computers more then most people. This category represents general computer use/aptitude.

Comp+++ = I am a computer god, no-one can stop me from doing anything, as long as it involves a computer.

Comp++ = I am very proficient, I work with computers for a living.

Comp+ = I have a website(s), post on various newsgroups and their ilk, and am decent with a computer.

Comp = I have a computer and use it regularly, but donít invest much time in learning about it.

Comp- = I can type, more or less.

Comp-- = I figured out how to turn this on, but I just canít find my any key.

Comp--- = Iím viewing this as a printout that someone else printed for me.


Many, if not most, Discordians have strong sociopolitical views. These views vary widely, but there donít seem to be many strongly right-wing Discordians for some reason.


Discordians love to play. Of course, the object of this entertainment takes a myriad of different forms. Thereís Sink, Mornington Crescent, Cook-note Fiberglass, all sorts.


Discordians, the ones who arenít dead at least, have lives. They have things to do that are in the outside world. This is usually done with other Discordians or Discordian-like peoples, but not always. Some of us even have to work.

How to Display Your Code

Now that you have your ratings for each of the above categories, it's time to assemble your code for displaying to the world. Take each category you determined and list them all together with one space between each one. If you run out space on one line, continue it on the next. When completed, it will look something like the following:

DPH/DU/DAT C++@ S:S- a19 Comp+ P++ E++ F+(F) R tv@ B+++ RAW DC+++++ e h- r !y+(y--->)

If you would like to put your homepage in there, Iíd say throw it in at the end.

If you are going to place your Discordian Code into your .signature or .plan file (highly recommended), you should create your DISCORDIAN CODE BLOCK. This is taken from the Geek Code, which was a parody of the output created by the PGP program, and will attempt to universalize (not really) how you will see the Discordian Code around the net. Your DISCORDIAN CODE BLOCK might look like the following:


Version 1.0

DPH/DU/DAT C++@ S:S- a19 Comp+ P++ E++ F+(F) R tv@ B+++ JAKE(9) FILK(5) !CON SCIFI(8) PHIL(8) RAW DC+++++ e h- r !y+(y--->) WEBďwww.nohomepage.comĒ


Or like the following by Prince Mu-Chao:

"NAIDROCSID KOAD ----- Episode 1.0
@(!DAT c-/cx/!c s* A* Comp++ P+++ E F++ R* tv b+++ RAW DC++++ e* h r+ y**)" - Ambrose Bierce

Or completely reversed, side-ways, whatever, youíre supposedly a Discordian ainít ya? You can think something up, I donít have to do EVERYTHING for you. Just so people have some sort of idea what in Thud you are talking about, Iíd suggest leaving the actual Code part the same.

All rights reversed. Reprint what you like, just please give me credit where itís due. It would be nice if you told me about what you did with the code and any changes as well.

Mark Carabas