The Principia Discordia, ver. 17

Are you ready to experience not knowing, confusion, be overwhelmed and out-of-control? Are you ready to live without intention? Are you going to stop ordering Chaos?

Well, then, welcome to the Principia Discordia, Ver. 17, yet another document about which you know absolutely nothing but will soon grok (or not grok, as the case may be).

Though the 23 Apples of Eris have been busy lately, what with our newsletter, our webpage, answering all our mail from that Maytag repair guy, and actively participating in OPERATION:MINDFUCK, as well as playing in society's reindeer games, we still found the time to put together the definitive sequel to Principia Discordia version pi.

Be assured, this document is not the same as pi, it just uses that document where necessary to fill in space and/or answer frequently asked questions such as "Help me?".

This document was penned using the finest gold flaxscript can buy in Alcolpoco and gets the Erisian kkkkk of approval from one out of every five chaosophers. It was written in a similar way as the 23.5 version except three years earlier.

So wash your eyes and sanitize your pineal gland, for you are about to behold the all powerful stain lifting power of the Principia Discordia ver. 17.

No Greyfaces were harmed in the making of this tome.

"Great Holy Jimminy!" yelled Tarzan to Jane. "How can you take that?!?!?!"