The Principia Discordia ver 23.5

The Introducing

Welcome to the introducing of the 23.5 version of the Principia Discordia. We want to snarf, right up front, that we don't have a problem with the other twenty-two and one half known Principias that have been published by other noodles of the Church. In fact, we freely admit that this version was written in a complete drunken stupor, and for all we know, it could have been some Son-of-a-Greyface with a bullhorn outside the door trying to lead us astray. But we don't think so.

Unfortunately, the original version of this tome has been lost. It was written on Prince Mu-Chao's dorm room ceiling with Kraft macaroni and cheese by all that attended the fateful preyer ceremony on MuDay, 3162. Rev. Marshmellow Fluff feverishly copied it down with Spam on the wall, and got most of it before a falling piece of macaroni hit him in the left eye. We gave him a Purple Pineal, the highest decoration we could think of at the time. Fluff, the world of discord will forever be in your debt.

Channels of this book include (but are not limited to) Rev. Prince Mu-Chao, Rev. Marshmellow Fluff, Rev. Y?, Emperor Ghoti Pilate, Justicar Hamman Cheez, NecroFucker BabySmasher the Uncouth, Pope Evil FnordFnord, Rev. Seyknow Tonorton, Rev. Dave, Rev. Q-Bert le Omnihoppingest, Pope Amish Jehovah, Pope Bouncing Jehovah of the Five Corners, Chao Utter, and Joe. Unfortunately, Prince Mu-Chao died of an Nth Dimensional BrainFry in 3172 in a failed attempt to enter the heinous Snapple Corp.'s Top Secret files. Net Community 23aerisxx deeply mourned the loss until they noticed the Prince popping up regularly on the Chat lines once again starting on Mu-Day 3223 and continuing to the present day (3255).

Copy Wright is rehersed on a soundstage using the finest equipment rubles could buy. It would be reversed, but we refuse to accept copyright reponsibility in the first place. We'd rather get toasted and rub our pineal glands against Eris' hips than worry about all that legal crap that goes along with copyrights. Plus, I assure you, we stole a bit (just a tiny bit fnord) of the material, in true Discordian fashion. So if you want to reprint it, send us a gallon of your home-made beer or a leaf of your home-grown or something. All Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! Yossarian Lives!

...such is life...