May 24

Boundary Lines by Melissa F Olson

Book Blurb~

boundary lines

Fitting into the Old World isn’t going very well for Boulder boundary witch Allison “Lex” Luther: she may have earned a place in a vampire’s service, but now it seems as if every supernatural creature in town has found a reason to hate her. And when Lex and her partner are assigned to investigate the suspicious disappearance of two vampires during the night of the full moon, they find themselves with more questions than answers.

Was it murder…or mutiny?

The crusade for answers will lead Lex all over the Colorado Old World, from a prison cell for a broken werewolf to a haunted Denver brothel. And when Lex determines the responsible party, the hunt is just beginning: something has been awakened in Boulder, something as old and powerful as it is terrifying. Only the woman with death in her blood can stop what’s coming.

My Thoughts~4star

I love Olson’s Old World stories, however this one started out a bit too slow, but it does a good job at setting the stage for future books.

“Lex” Luther has finally accepted she comes from Old World stock – at least for the most part and is committed as ever to keeping her niece Charlie, who is a null, safe. She has given her allegiance to the local vampire master, in order to have protection for Charlie. Even if it means alienating her new friends in the witch coven she truly should belong in, well if it weren’t for the fact that she has death magic and everyone is too scared to befriend her.  But as she finds out more about her magic, she begins to learn more about the three good friends she does have, things she’s not sure she wanted to know. But all that will have to wait, because there is a new threat in town and she has no one else to turn to.

Lex has a lot of baggage, and it’s amazing she’s still standing on two feet most days given her history in the military, losing her twin sister to a murdering lunatic, saving the town she won’t give up on, and most of all protecting the one person she loves most in the world, her niece. But Lex gets right back up and lives another day to fight the local evil that seems to think Charlie is their salvation. Lex promised her sister she would take care of her family and that’s what she’s doing.

I love Olson’s world building and I really enjoyed the Scarlet Bernard series, but this one is moving a bit slow for me. Lex is a great character, stronger than anyone in her situation would probably be but it took a long time to get to any action in this one, despite all the running around she did to set the stage.

Granted, when you’re dealing with Wolves, Vampires and Witches everything is fantastical, however this one seems a little over the top with another extremely fantastical monster just waiting in the wings and kind of felt like a repeat of a 90’s B movie.

I definitely plan to keep reading this series, and look forward to the next one. Hopefully we’ll get into more about Lex’s magic, what she can do with it, and how she can show the local clans that she’s not their enemy. I’d like to see more interaction with her dead sister, who she can talk to in her dreams given the Blood magic Lex holds and a bit more about how she will navigate her relationship with Quinn, (her Vampire partner) and the man she is falling for.

Definitely worth reading, however start with Boundary Crossed – or even better start with Dead Spots, the series that started it all.

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