May 24

Shadows in the Water by Kory M Shrum

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Kory Shrum and the Jesse Sullivan series. I had an opportunity to read her latest book, Shadows in the Water as an Arc in exchange for an honest review but I think you’ll find this story is nothing like the Jesse Sullivan series.

It starts out kind of slow, and jumps around a lot between characters, even though the book is truly following Lou, who has a special talent (gift? curse?) for disappearing into the shadows and appearing elsewhere, wherever she sets her mind to – at least most of the time anyway. She doesn’t always have complete control of it. But she takes it upon herself to use this talent to punish those who took away the only people she’s ever loved.

It was very difficult to get to know her, or even like her very much, despite knowing how horrific it was for her to witness her parent’s deaths. I think that is by design. She’s hard, and cold, and very calculated, and she doesn’t want anyone to get too close. But as the main character, it was difficult to find a way to identify with her. I identified more with Lucy, her aunt, who also has this same talent.

There isn’t a lot of action until about halfway through the book, and then it moves pretty quickly as Lou starts to learn the truth about her parent’s deaths. She also starts to thaw a bit later in the book as she realizes that maybe she doesn’t want to be as alone as she has been.

She is enlisted to help Robert King, a retired DEA agent who worked with her father, to work on another case that may or may not have ties to her parent’s. King is a bit like Brinkley from the Jesse Sullivan series. He wants to take Lou under his wing, but he doesn’t know how to reach her.

This book doesn’t have any of the snarky sarcasm that Jesse has. It’s not much on laughs and is much darker, with more descriptive deaths of the men she hunts.

I hope we get to know Lou a bit better in future books, and hopefully, she starts to thaw even more toward the people in her life. Also, there is no romance in this story, although it looks like there may be room for some in future books.

I look forward to reading more in this series. I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of Kory’s books. Just know that it’s not the same as what she’s written in the past. And that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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